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Orthodontics is an effective solution to correcting your bite and straightening your teeth. As a subspecialty area in dentistry, this focuses on aligning and straightening crooked or widely spaced teeth with wires and brackets. These dental appliances apply force to the teeth and move them to their right position. This area of dentistry has advanced over the decades, as treatments become shorter and more comfortable than before.

We recommend Glasgow orthodontics for patients who have bite problems or misaligned teeth. We strongly advise patients to maintain good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist for mouth check-ups and adjustments of dental appliances. Treatment may take several months to a year, depending on the extent of the required alignment of the teeth. We also recommend fixed permanent retention to ensure your teeth won't move following the completion of your treatment.

Why do you need an orthodontic treatment?
The answer is simple: for straighter, healthier teeth. With proper bite and alignment of the teeth, there will be fewer gaps or spaces for food to be lodged in. This also helps minimise plaque build-up that causes decay. If you look at it this way, orthodontics provides a long-term solution for your oral health.

For more information on services you could expect from an orthodontist in Glasgow, call us and book an appointment with Dr Colin Gardener.