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Botanics Dental Care
2 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8HY

Accepting New Patients

One of our patients who recently had an extensive course of treatment that was completely new to her sent the following words to our treatment coordinator

First, you listened very attentively and don't seem to mind at all if asked to go over anything again. Your eye contact is good. You give people time to absorb information (I've had to take on board more than normal this year) and check that I've understood – you never make me feel that any question is stupid, and never a sign of impatience - very important. Naomi :)

Treatment Coordination

Treatment Coordination is the latest role in dentistry, and you can be a part of it.

Treatment coordination is a rewarding role that benefits our patients by offering additional nurse led care and advice for any aspect of your dental care, when you need it.

Our treatment coordinator is your first point of contact at the practice. You can book an appointment with them for the following services:

  • No obligation initial consultation and tour of the practice.
  • Discuss and find out more information about any treatments such as implants, six month smiles and whitening.
  • Explain treatment costs, finance options and assist with credit applications.
  • Appointment coordination - let's find the best time for you.
  • Present treatment plans, explain x-ray findings and display images.
  • Discuss additional extras to make your visit with us more comfortable.
  • Post-operative care and advice.
  • Assistance with private dental insurance forms such as BUPA and Aviva.
  • Before and after comparison photos after treatment has been completed.
  • Any other issues that may arise.
  • Other services are available on prescription from the dentist.

Looking for advice over the phone? Or by email? Contact us in any of the following ways for dental advice and support:

Call : 0141 334 3408

Email :

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