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Botanics Dental Care
2 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8HY
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Colin, Tara, Colette and Roslyn

I'm so pleased I've found this practice!
Fantastic friendly staff, who made me and my daughter feel right at home! It was Esme's (22months) first dental visit and she enjoyed it so much! Colin & Tara made the experience fun for her, and she now loves brushing her teeth (which I'm sooo pleased about).
BIG thanks to the brilliant team at Botanics.

- Sophie & Esme x

Excellent service and advice given! I'd highly recommend this practice!

- AB

I have been with Botanics (and John White before that) for over 20 years and the service is always the right balance between friendly and professional, conscientious and progressive without being fussy.

Colin, Colette, Tara and team always go to some trouble to explain treatments and options; and always offer rather than "sell" products.

I have complete confidence in their clinical advice, skills and practice.

- NH

I've been a patient with Botanics for several years and have always had excellent service from them. I also have two autistic children and all the staff have always been great with them, calm and understanding

- PK

As a recovering dental phobic visits to the dentist aren't something I relish but Colin and his team always allay my fears and treatment is at a pace which is comfy for me. One of my issues was a tendency to gag and a fear of choking. Colin's practises are always up to date and I've just had two fillings replaced. For the first time I didn't choke or gag once and probably have felt the calmest I've ever felt amidst treatment. You know that song 'What A Difference A Day Makes'? Well, today I skipped out of the surgery singing 'What A Difference A Dam Makes'!!


Professionals that know what they are doing! My smile is always better after an appointment with Collette and the team.
How about some junior hygienist appointments, how to floss etc? Get them early!

- MM

I cannot thank all the staff at Botanics enough, I have a brilliant new smile that will last me a lifetime. I now smile in every photo and my only regret is not having the six months treatment done sooner! A huge thank you to Colin, Roz, Tara and the gang, it's the best investment I've ever made!

- Lexy, 2015

Can I say how happy I am with the treatment I received at your practice and I would recommend Botanics Dental Care to my friends and anyone who remarks on my teeth. You explained the process clearly to me and alaid my fears and your payment structure allowed me to pay as I went along.

I liked the way you arranged my appointment around my work which made it easier for me to keep appointments – something I am not wonderful at!

Thank You

- Stephen Lindsay
27th September 2013

I have recently had completed insertion of a dental implant and I am truly delighted with the result. At the outset Colin explained in great detail why he was recommending this treatment and what was involved in the procedure, this without pressurising me in any way. At each stage I was kept fully informed of what was to happen. Throughout, Colin and his staff were most professional in their dealings with me.

I can, without hesitation thoroughly recommend Colin and his team in what is a very friendly and caring dental practice.

- Sine Collar

Colin is a meticulous dentist who explains exactly all work to be done and is a perfectionist.

I am delighted with my new inlay fillings – new white glossy back teeth. A huge improvement on the old grey ones.

Thank goodness for the new age dentistry at Botanics Dental Care, no pain – only gain and beautiful teeth.

Friendly and delightful staff.

It's such a pleasure to be at Botanics and I look forward to more perfect teeth in my senior years.

Well done Botanics and Colin

- Dianne Lang
22nd November 2010

The most thorough work I have ever experienced – painless and utterly professional.

Thank goodness!

- J Wilson
2nd November 2010

I am writing this 10 minutes after a two hour root canal treatment……. Happy to say that everything went well.

I certainly could not have done this treatment without the use of a rubber dam – the small sheet of rubber that is wrapped around the tooth. Once you get used to it all procedures are so much more comfortable as it prevents any debris or liquid going down your throat and having to swallow and, from my perspective the associated fear of choking. It does also allow you to swallow whenever you need to.

In a nutshell, using the rubber dam is really an advantage especially for the nervous patient, of which I am one.

- June
May 2010

I made one mistake: ignoring for too long the card advising me that it was time for my six-monthly examination.

However, once I had turned up I was greatly impressed by the care taken on the examination itself; the explanations of what needed to be done, and the order in which the work should best be done, were clear and well supported by the photographs.

The following sessions, involving preparation for and the fitting of crowns were sometimes unavoidably lengthy but, again all care was taken to ensure comfort and everything was explained. The crowns fit very well and have given me no trouble at all.

I wish I had joined the Dental Plan earlier; it was certainly useful for the course of treatment I followed.

Finally, the two Hygienists I have seen have been efficient and have given me useful advice about what types of floss and what to do after brushing my teeth.

I'm glad I continued with the practice after the changeover from John Whyte.

- Ian Quick
24th March 2010

I have been a client at The Southpark Avenue Dental Surgery for a long time, I think just short of 30 years and would like to congratulate Colin and his team (old and new!) on the transformation that has happened since Botanics has been in place.

The modernity and thoroughness of each member of the staff mean that I have 100% reassurance that my oral care is in the safest of hands.....

To emphasise how much I like Botanics Dental Care, I travel 450 miles for my

- Kenny
March 2010

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything

Jaques, of old age, in As You Like It, 1599

William Shakespeare

But not yet.............thanks to you!

- Ann Durward
April 2010

Best Dental Practice in town

Oral intervention of highest renown

Trustworthy and totally up to date

Always punctual, never late

Nice surroundings, clean and calm

I'd recommend without a qualm

Colin's top notch, way over the best

Staff are superb, simply the best

- Laura Telford
23rd December 2009

As I left the surgery yesterday, I said to Jill "it's a pleasure to come here!" – and it's true!

I didn't think that the service could improve on Mr Whyte's tenure, but "congratulations" – it has.

I haven't made mention of Colin, as I am glad to say that I haven't needed much attention from him yet, but going by my experience so far, he is an excellent Dentist and we are lucky to have his expertise.

Many thanks to you all,

- Joyce Galpin
16th September 2009

This Practice provides an excellent service.

Examinations and treatment are meticulous and well explained to the patient.

All treatments have been comfortable and painless.

Dentist and Hygienist always take time to make me comfortable.

Tidy, clean surgery and well-mannered staff.

After treatment service and appointment booking is well managed.

Email and text appointment reminders are very handy.

- S Matko
15th September 2009

We as a family have been in this dental practice for many years and have experienced nothing but excellent personal service.

Recently I had a rare filling which was typically carried out with great care and professionalism. Colin and his whole team make the visit welcoming and relaxing within a comfortable atmosphere.

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Botanics Dental Care.

- A.Ward

The whole procedure was great. I was worried about having pain and the final results but it was pain free and the results were fantastic.

- Daniel Murray – Teeth Whitening

Regular three monthly visits to the Hygienist did not prevent me from losing a tooth to gum disease.

My first consultation with the new practice offered me a new approach to the problem which included some dental treatment to prevent gum disease. I was told that my mouth would feel much better.

I admit that I was rather sceptical about this as my mouth was not uncomfortable at all. However, having had the treatment my mouth was even better – it feels very healthy and perhaps, more importantly, I now have a real hope of preserving my teeth forever

- David

My visit to Linda Forsyth, the dental hygienist, was the best and most thorough I have experienced.

She explained the procedures and new equipment to me in detail, and put me at ease.

As a result I am completely confident in her professional manner.

- Geoff Ward

The treatment, thorough and professional, is the best that I have ever had.

The check-up I found especially helpful as it took double the time of my previous ones, and the Hygienist is also more than thorough and very kind to boot.

- Gerry

Dentistry for the 21st Century.

Colin Gardner's practice combines the very best of modern dentistry with good old fashioned service.

I love the level of involvement through photographic and PC images, the in-obtrusive text reminders and the quality support staff.

Excellent technical expertise makes the whole "Dentist thing" much more pleasant.

- G Parkins

Colin specialises in "state of the art" dentistry and it is a long way from the bad old days when a visit to the Dentist was something to dread.

Virtually pain-free treatment was a novelty for me and return trips will be something to look forward to………. almost.

- Iain Campbell

I have never had such a thorough examination and explanation of what's going on in my mouth and jaw!

The practice is lovely and the whole team are very professional and friendly.

Now I can relax knowing that my mouth is in the best hands.

One very satisfied customer.

- Julie Reynolds

Friday the 1st of June will stay with me forever as it turned out to be one of the best days of my life .After completing treatment I finely got the best moment ever when I looked in the mirror and saw the end results! My expectations were always high but the results were outstanding.I would like to thank the dedicated team that work at Botanics!I would highly recommend to anyone looking for outstanding service.

Last but not least I would like to thank Colin for giving me the perfect smile(Thankyou so so much)Good Luck always. I have no doubt that Botanics will continue to go from strength to strength.

- K.White

I completely forget that I have had an implant; it is so much stronger than a bridge and feels stronger than my own teeth.

The whole process may seem long, but so worth it.

- L Murney

I'm 87 and a bit. It's not easy, this old age.

I've given up my car and am dependant on others for transport.

I decided I couldn't ask my daughters to take hours off their work to bring me into Glasgow. I left the practice a few months ago but here I am back with Colin again. I missed his professionalism, the peace and discipline here.

The knowledge that I was experiencing the best dentistry in a well- equipped practice.

(I am a dental surgeon's widow so I write with experience and knowledge).

- M. Adam

Botanics Dental Care offers an excellent all round service.

Dr Colin Gardner BDS is supported by a team of professionals including Dental Hygienists, Dental Nurses and Practice Manager.

The latest technology is available to maximise efficiency and efficacy of treatment.

Patients are informed and made to feel involved at every stage.

The management of appointments and payment of costs makes it affordable and encourages regular attendance leading to the best dental and oral health.

- Muriel

I asked for some feedback from one of our patients who had experienced TCO appointments…

First, you listened very attentively and don't seem to mind at all if asked to go over anything again. Your eye contact is good. You give people time to absorb information (I've had to take on board more than normal this year) and check that I've understood – you never make me feel that any question is stupid, and never a sign of impatience - very important. I can't make any comment about you as Treatment Co-ordinator as things always seem to go smoothly and the cracks, if any, don't show. Naomi :)

- Naomi Barron

I have been attending the practice for a good number of years now, as have all my family. When Mr Whyte retired I had no doubts that Colin was more than capable of filling his shoes.

Colin is very particular with his procedures and treatment, explaining in detail what has to be done with all the treatment myself and the family have had.

I wish Colin every success and to continue with the good work.

- Rhona

I have been attending this dental practice ever since it was taken over by Dr Colin Gardner. Throughout that time I have been extremely satisfied with the treatment I have received. Modern equipment and procedures are routinely utilised with obvious benefits to the patient.

On a more personal level Dr Gardner, Hygienist and nurses all manage to combine a friendly and personal atmosphere with a high level of professionalism and competence. This includes the giving of detailed explanations prior to procedures being undertaken. On the very infrequent occasions a dental emergency has arisen, there has been a very quick response with an early appointment always being made available.

I can with every confidence highly recommend Botanics dental Care

- R.H.F Colla

I am delighted with the two implants and the bridge. It has been a lengthy process but very worthwhile.

My sense of taste has vastly improved. I can eat steak again.

The implants look like my own teeth.

Altogether very worthwhile.

Thank you,

- Sylvia Russell

The Air-Flow System is amazing, great results and a lot less painful.

Colin is very thorough explaining as he goes. The new equipment is fantastic.

- Tommy

I have now been with The Botanics for just over a year now and have been delighted with the whole team's professional and caring practise. Dr. Gardener recommended that I use a NTI as I was found to be grinding my teeth. After initial scepticism, I am thrilled with the outcome; with the result that I have almost no headaches after suffering with them regularly.

- Tracy Griffiths

This is a very good Dentist. It is clean and the people are very nice. When I get my teeth cleaned I like the tickley feeling and how my teeth feel afterwards

It is a great Dentist and has awesome books to entertain us while we are waiting

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