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Botanics Dental Care
2 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8HY
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I wish I had joined the Dental Plan earlier; it was certainly useful for the course of treatment I followed.

Our membership plan.

Dental Plans Glasgow

Not only does it guarantee you a place at our practice but our members enjoy a 15% discount as a reward for their loyalty to our practice. This is applicable to the prices listed on our fees page (excluding implant related work).

For additional information on our practice plans please see our table below or call a team member on 0141 334 3408. We have 2 types of plan….

Botanics Adult Dental Membership

The Botanics Adult Dental Care Plan is £27.60 a month and includes:

  • Two detailed dental examinations each year
  • Four appointments with our hygienist each year
  • X-rays, if clinically required
  • 15% discount off most other treatments, including Six Month Smiles, cosmetic whitening and tooth-coloured restorations
  • Worldwide insurance cover for any dental emergency giving you peace of mind when you travel

And our childrens plan…

Children under six years old are seen completely for free, so long as at least one parent is on our Adult Membership Scheme. From age six to eighteen, we offer a unique service with our Botanics Dental Care Children's Membership, which is priced at just £7.00 a month and includes:

  • Two detailed dental examinations a year
  • Two thirty-minute appointments with our hygienist each year
  • X-rays, if clinically required
  • A massive 50% discount off most other treatments

We would recommended an oral health check every six months and to visit our hygienist every 3 months to keep your mouth clean and to minimise decay. Below is a table summarising the benefits of joining our plan:

What does our membership include Level 1 Level 2
In-depth thorough examinations 2 2
Appointment with our hygienist for preventative treatments including removal of calculus and staining from teeth 1 hour per year 2 hours per year
Discount on treatment fees (excluding implant related services and specialist referrals) 15% 15%
All x-rays
Pocket charting is included on your membership (if it is required) N/A
Diet and oral hygiene advice
Membership card with 24 hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home or abroad
Worldwide Supplementary Dental Injury and Emergency Insurance
Cost per month: £19.16 £27.60

Finance available to UK residents aged 18 and above. Credit subject to status. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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