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Dental Dentures in Glasgow

Botanics Dental Care
2 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8HY

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As I left the surgery yesterday, I said to Jill "it's a pleasure to come here!" – and it's true!

Advances in modern dentistry mean that removable dentures now look incredibly natural and function better than ever before – allowing them to remain your little secret! We can restore your smile using acrylic or porcelain teeth, rebuild your facial profile to make you look younger, and help you to enjoy eating again.

Dental Dentures Glasgow

Dentures in metal or acrylic (plastic) are used to replace lost or missing teeth. Their appearance can be changed to make them more natural looking and we can now offer tooth shades that look extremely realistic.

For improved fit and stability, dentures can be fixed to dental implants that provide a secure anchor, allowing you to eat and chew with confidence.