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Case Studies


Case Studies

Problem: Large unsightly amalgam fillings that were failing

Solution: White tooth coloured fillings.

The service is always the right balance between friendly and professional, conscientious and progressive without being fussy.

Colin, Colette, Tara and team always go to some trouble to explain treatments and options; and always offer rather than "sell" products.

I have complete confidence in their clinical advice, skills and practice.

Case Studies

Problem: large unsightly amalgam fillings that were failing

Solution: white, tooth coloured fillings. Invisible.

At the outset Colin explained in great detail why he was recommending this treatment and what was involved in the procedure, this without pressurising me in any way. At each stage I was kept fully informed of what was to happen. Throughout, Colin and his staff were most professional in their dealings with me.

I can, without hesitation thoroughly recommend Colin and his team in what is a very friendly and caring dental practice.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Case Studies

Problem: continual problems with toothache, breaking teeth, abscess's and unhappy with appearance. Missing teeth. Discoloured teeth,

Solution: Stabilisation phase including root fillings, extractions, fillings. Dental implants, crowns, Splint treatment for grinding and whitening.

Excellent, professional, fastidious work! Having experienced poor, sloppy, neglectful dentistry in the past, it has been a pleasure having some major work done, in the knowledge that all aspects of teeth, gums and oral hygiene have been conscientiously maintained to a very high degree

Case Studies

Case Studies

What the problem was:

  1. Worn, shortened teeth due to clenching / grinding at night (known as Bruxism or parafunction). This type of subconscious habit can be very destructive to teeth and / or cause headaches, migraines, neck pain and backache. If caught early enough, treatment is very simple and can avoid complicated treatments or medicines for pain.
  2. Vertical fractures of several teeth due to this parafunction which eventually led to the need for extractions.
  3. Front teeth unsightly and too short to retain crowns

What we did:

The following course of treatment is known as "full mouth rehabilitation" as it involves treatment for every tooth in the mouth. This was necessary in order to save the patient's remaining teeth and replace the ones he had already sadly lost due to the parafunction.

  1. Construct a splint to stop the clenching and grinding
  2. An extensive course of treatment with our hygienist to get everything meticulously clean and more importantly, showing the patient how to maintain things in between visits. Preventative dentistry is the best way to keep your teeth and dental implants for longer and have fewer visits to the dentist.
  3. Crown lengthening surgery to allow us to crown the upper front teeth
  4. Construct crowns for the upper front teeth replacing the bits that had worn away
  5. Place four titanium dental implants restored with crowns to replace the missing teeth
  6. Crowns for all the other teeth made to the new face height restoring what had been worn away

What the patient said afterwards:

For many years I had problems with my teeth with all too frequent fractures, abscesses and other such painful complaints until the arrival of Dr Colin Gardner on the scene. After several very necessary extractions as a consequence of my earlier neglect, leaving 5 gaps in my upper teeth and a somewhat revealing smile, he diagnosed me as a "grinder" and, more to the point, gave me a rather disquieting prognosis if no action was taken.

Having attained my three score years and ten in January 2013 I was faced with a stark choice- do nothing and expect more of the same or consider a complete dental reconstruction over a two year period. Colin had a special cast of my teeth and "bite" made which showed me in graphic detail the extent of the existing damage and wear and tear, not a pretty sight.

Unbeknown to him I took the precaution of obtaining a second opinion elsewhere taking with me the dental plan which Colin had meticulously prepared for me. Not only did the other dentist say that a great deal of thought had gone into the plan, but that the cost outlined was very reasonable and could have been greater. Taking the long view (although how long is long at my advanced age is a moot point) I decided to go ahead, 15 or 16 appointments in all spread over almost two years. Having completed the reconstruction the next step was to consider the options for the 5 spaces - do nothing (not really a starter), removable dentures (like stars, coming out every night), or implants.

Colin very fairly spelt out the options, pros and cons, and explained why implants were the best bet in the long term, admittedly considerably more expensive in the short term however. After careful consideration and under no pressure from him I opted for implants. Rather than put in 5 Colin was able to explain why 4 would be sufficient saving me money in the process. The main reason why I chose implants, apart from his advice, was due to the excellent result which Colin painstakingly achieved with the reconstruction which looks and feels so good. During this lengthy process, including several 3 hour appointments, Colin and his staff were constantly mindful of how I was feeling, answering my many questions patiently (not an easy task I'm sure), and explaining the procedures every step of the way.

So on February 13th (lucky for some - well me anyway) I had my last appointment and fitting of the implants. Now I can chew, smile with impunity, and get on with my life. My nearest and dearest, and some not so near, have all commented on the natural look and have responded most favourably which in itself is very gratifying and a tribute to all the hard work by Colin, Tara , and others who have had the misfortune to put up with me over this lengthy period.

To anyone contemplating implants I would unhesitatingly say go ahead. Not only are the procedures much less painful - no need for anaesthetic - but you couldn't be in better hands. So finally, a heartfelt thank you to Colin and all his staff. Well done.


IH 2016

Case Studies

Problem: repeatedly failing bridge, broken veneers, broken teeth, gum disease and missing teeth

Solution: hygienist treatments, extractions, crowns, filings, veneers, root fillings, Dental implants, sinus lift, bone grafting.

Having previously had dental treatment at another practice several years ago, my teeth and gums were in a very poor way. I discovered the team here at Botanics Dental Care through my own research and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The transformation is incredible. I have had several implants, sinus lifts and crowns spread over three years. I must mention that these procedures are pain free and the healing time minimal. Throughout the whole process everyone at Botanics Dental Care have been amazing. The treatments can seem costly but I definitely feel that it is money well invested in your appearance and confidence. Just can't recommend them enough


Case Studies

Case Studies

Problem: dental phobia, not seen a dentist for 10 years. Gum disease and poor oral hygiene. Discoloured teeth.

Solution: listen to patient's concerns, build confidence and trust, hygienist appointments, airflow handy polish. Whitening.

Amazing results and friendly staff! Colin, Tara and Colette really put me at ease on my first visits, I never thought I would actually look forward to dentist appointments before coming here. Really happy I chose Botanics Dental!


Case Studies

Problem:squint teeth and discoloured dark front tooth.

Solution:tooth coloured braces, enlighten tooth whitening

Can smile more and received lots of compliments about my teeth. Very happy with the results and I couldn't recommend Colin and the team more!

Case Studies

Case Studies

Problem:unhappy with squint tooth position

Solution:tooth coloured braces. Zoom ! whitening

Puts you at ease, very professional and friendly.

Incredibly pleased with the results - my teeth look amazing! All the staff are wonderful! Would recommend to anyone!

Case Studies


Case Studies

Problem: unhappy with the shade of teeth

Solution: zoom! Whitening

Consistently fantastic service and care across many years.

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