Why Dental Implants Are A Good Option For Patients With Dry Mouth

Saliva does more than just keep the mouth moist, it also washes away bacteria and food particles which are left on the teeth after eating and drinking. However, if a patient is suffering with dry mouth, then there is insufficient saliva to carry out this task and consequently their teeth are more at risk of dental problems such as decay. In severe cases patients may even lose their teeth because of dry mouth and other oral problems. Dental implants in Glasgow are a good option for replacing teeth that have been lost due to decay, but are they a suitable option for someone with dry mouth? In a word yes! Implants are not affected by decay so in that respect they make a first class treatment for anyone who is lacking saliva.

The advantages of dental implant treatment

dental implants in GlasgowTypically in dentistry we strive to do all we can to retain a patient’s own teeth and if they’re suffering from decay then a dentist in Glasgow would remove the decay and fill the tooth. However in patients suffering with dry mouth it can be a better option to remove badly decayed teeth and replace them with dental implants. The reason for this is that decay is a constant battle for a patient who has dry mouth. Even if a decayed tooth is restored with a filling or dental crown the natural tooth structure beneath the restoration still remains susceptible to decay.

Dental implants are particularly beneficial to patients with dry mouth because they don’t decay. An implant consists of a titanium post which is surgically embedded into the jaw. It’s then left to bond with the surrounding bone and soft tissues to form a permanent structure in the mouth which can then be topped with a dental crown, bridge, or arch of false teeth. The implant looks, feels, and even functions like a natural tooth but because there is no natural tooth structure remaining there is nothing which can begin to decay. This means that patients with dry mouth can have their smile restored without the threat of future infection or decay which could lead to further restoration work and more expense.

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