Do I Need Braces Or Veneers?

With more information readily available on the internet it’s not unusual for dental patients to get a little confused over the different types of treatments available and what is necessary for them. For example, with the growing use of instant Glasgow orthodontics some patients may think that veneers is a preferred option to braces and vice versa. Although it’s true that both treatments can produce a similar appearance, they are two totally different procedures.

clear braces in GlasgowOne of the best ways to distinguish between the two treatments is to think of them in simple terms of structure and cosmetics. Braces are typically used in Glasgow orthodontics to address and restore such conditions as crooked, misaligned, crowded, and gapped teeth as well as under, over, and cross-bites. Veneers, on the other hand, deal more with cosmetic issues such as teeth that are chipped, stained, or slightly gapped.

No Need To Fear Orthodontics

Many adults are affected by crooked or misaligned teeth which if not treated can place undue pressure on the teeth and jaw which in turn can lead to premature wear, cracks, chips, and periodontal disease. This pressure can over time also lead to pain in the jaw, ear, face, and neck as well as cause gums to recede and teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. Crooked teeth can also affect your levels of oral hygiene because it’s difficult to remove particles of food and bacteria from awkward gaps and tight spots.

If you’re suffering from some of the above symptoms then our qualified and trained team can diagnose and effectively correct these orthodontic dysfunctions. Thanks to modern advancements in dental technology, patients can benefit from a variety of clear braces in Glasgow which are far more discreet than traditional metal braces. Other options include Invisalign which uses transparent aligners to gently move the teeth, as well as lingual braces which fit behind the teeth so they are totally invisible to others. We can also move your teeth faster with treatments such as Six Month Smiles which concentrates on the teeth that are visible when you smile. With so many choices wearing braces really is nothing to fear.

To determine whether you need braces or veneers, why not make an appointment with Botanics Dental Care by calling us on 0141 334 3408 or booking online at Dr. Colin Gardner will discuss all your options and put together a treatment plan, so you know just what to expect.