Root Canal

Is It Time to Get a Root Canal?

Damaged tooth nerve or pulp leads to a breakdown that allows bacteria to multiply. The tooth debris and bacteria may cause infection or abscessed tooth. The abscess is a pus-filled chamber that forms on the roots of a tooth.

Why Do You Need to Remove Damaged Tooth Pulp?

root canalDamaged tooth pulp leads to infection that goes beyond the roots of the tooth. It may cause swelling in parts of the face or neck. Bone loss around the roots may arise and drainage problems out of the root may occur because of the holes caused by the damage. You may suffer from persistent pain on your cheeks and gums, if you fail to address the problem immediately.

Tooth decay, a chip, frequent dental procedures, and a hit to the face cause the damage to the tooth’s pulp and nerves. These may lead to inflammation, irritation, and infection.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is a treatment that saves an infected or decaying tooth. The procedure removes the damaged nerves and pulp inside your tooth, and then cleans and seals it. There are times when there will be no symptoms of damaged teeth pulp and nerves, but you must be wary once you feel any of the following:

1.    Intense pain whenever you chew or apply pressure on your tooth.
2.    Tenderness in the gums surrounding the decaying tooth.
3.    Your tooth starts to darken or change colour.

These signs tell you that you might need a root canal. Botanics Dental Care provides you with the treatment you need to cure tooth decay.

Our dentists perform root canal to prevent the spread of the infection and preserve as much of the damaged tooth. We will clean and fill the tooth once the treatment finishes to prevent further infection. We also provide checkups to help maintain your teeth after the procedure.

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