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4 Benefits Of Implant Retained Dentures

Dental implants in Glasgow are proving so popular these days and that’s because not only do they look extremely natural but they are also so incredibly versatile. An implant consists of a titanium post which is surgically embedded into the jaw and then left to heal for a few months to allow the surrounding bone and gum tissue to bond with it. This creates a secure and stable platform which can then support a false tooth or teeth. They’re the closest thing to natural teeth because they replace the entire tooth structure, including the root, and thus feel, function, and look just like the real deal.

dental implants in GlasgowHowever, aside from securing single crowns or even a dental bridge, did you know that they can be used to support a full set of dentures?

Dental implants are in fact a blessing to denture wearers because as anyone who wears conventional dentures will tell you, they’re not an ideal substitute for real teeth. They often don’t fit that well, they slip out of place making it difficult to speak and eat properly, and they make your mouth and gums sore. Implant retained dentures or over-dentures as they’re often called really are the next best thing to a mouth full of real teeth. They give patients back their confidence and allow them to speak and smile with ease. They can also eat what they like and enjoy a more varied diet.


Implant supported dentures have many benefits over their conventional counterparts, including:

  1. Stability – While conventional dentures tend to shift out of place, implant retained dentures, on the other hand, are held securely in place by small titanium posts which are rooted into the jaw. Since these posts or implants are surgically placed into the jawbone by your dentist in Glasgow, they provide the sort of stability and security that no adhesive or clasps could ever match.
  1. Biting, chewing, and speaking is easier – Because dentures are held securely in place, patients can bite, chew, and speak with ease just as they did with their natural teeth. Now there’s nothing to stop them from biting into a crunchy apple or reading a story to their grandchild.
  1. Can’t be distinguished from real teeth – Conventional dentures sit on the gum line whereas implant retained dentures are secured beneath the gum line which gives them a far more natural appearance. What’s more no-one will be able to tell that they’re not real teeth.
  1. Halt bone loss – When teeth are lost the bone and soft tissues that supported them begins to wither away from not being used. Conventional dentures can’t stop this from happening. However, dental implants in Glasgow (which secure the dentures) put a halt to bone loss by stimulating and regenerating the growth of bone and soft tissues, in much the same was as a natural tooth root.

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Benefits Of Implant Retained Dentures

Dentures are a great alternative to missing teeth and are the choice of many people who have lost multiple or all of their teeth. Unfortunately, for a great number of denture wearers, the experience of wearing dentures is not as good as they had hoped it might be. Most denture wearers will tell you that the main problem they face is that of dentures which slip and slide around in the mouth, making it difficult for them to speak clearly and eat anything other than soft food.

dental implantsIt needn’t be that way. We use dental implants in our Glasgow based clinic to help stabilise dentures and improve the quality of life for our patients. The patient will need to undergo a short spell of oral surgery during which 4-6 implants will be placed into the jawbone.

These are made from titanium which has the ability to merge biologically with the surrounding bone to form a permanent and strong foundation to support both the implants and the prosthetic.

Benefits of implant retained dentures

  1. Mini implants are often used to retain dentures since they don’t require as much bone for their placement. This is a less invasive process than with standard implants and doesn’t involve waiting for them to fuse with the surrounding bone.
  2. The use of mini implants often avoids the potential need for a bone graft prior to the placement of implants, which lowers costs and recovery time.
  3. Since mini implants are smaller and require less surgery time, the overall costs are less than with standard dental implants.
  4. As few as 4 implants can hold dentures in place securely and prevent them from slipping and sliding around in the mouth.
  5. Often a person’s existing dentures can be modified with fixtures that snap on to the
  6. implants.Implant retained dentures feel more like natural teeth and allow the patient to eat the food they like. Since they can withstand more pressure than a conventional denture, the patient will be able to eat healthier food such as crunchy fruit and vegetables, nuts and lean meat.
  7. Implant retained dentures are more comfortable and eliminate the need for any dental adhesives. Because they don’t move around, the patient will no longer be plagued with tender gums and mouth sores.
  8. Since the implants prevent any further bone loss, the facial structure will be preserved and you’ll look years younger.

If you’ve considering dentures or are having issues with your existing set, then why not come and have a talk with us. Dr. Colin Gardner is highly skilled and experienced in all types of dental implants with a great reputation in Glasgow. Stabilised dentures can transform your life, give you back your confidence and let you get on without worrying what your teeth are doing. Why not give us a call today on 0141 334 3408 to see how can can help you. Or visit our website at for more information.