Dental Crown

Do You Have A Broken Tooth? A Dental Crown Could Be The Solution

As a Glasgow dentist we’re kept pretty busy restoring decayed or damaged teeth and in many cases this can be done with a filling. However, although fillings are suitable for minor damage and decay they don’t have sufficient strength to restore a badly decayed or broken tooth for any length of time. Since we don’t like to extract a tooth except as a very last resort, we have to look at the other options which are available, and in most cases this is a dental crown, although more patients are requesting dental implants in Glasgow in place of crowns.

dental crownsWhen it comes to preserving damaged teeth, then dental crowns are an excellent option. The usual course of events is as follows:

  • X-rays will be used to check for any underlying damage and to see if the tooth structure is capable of supporting a crown
  • If all seems well then the tooth will need to be shaped so that a crown can be securely fitted
  • Impressions of the prepared tooth are then sent to the laboratory so that a crown can be made
  • This takes around a week and during this time your tooth will be protected with a temporary crown.
  • You’ll then visit your dentist in Glasgow again to have your new crown fitted.

Caring for your dental crown

A ceramic or porcelain dental crown should last for several years provided that it’s cared for properly. It’s important to clean carefully around the area of the crown just as you do the rest of your teeth. Although the crown is artificial and won’t decay, the tooth sitting beneath it can. Failure to clean adequately around the crown and underlying tooth can result in gum disease and possible tooth loss.

Dental crowns can sometimes become detached, although this doesn’t happen too often. It can occur if you bite on an object which is unexpectedly hard and sometimes as a crown reaches the end of its life, the cement attaching it to the tooth can lose its hold.

If your crown does become detached then don’t try and fix it yourself, especially using a household glue which will damage the tooth. Instead keep it safe and contact your Glasgow dentist to make an appointment to have it professionally attached once more.

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