Dental Bridges

Exploring The Benefits Of Dental Bridges

As people age it can be more of a challenge to maintain their teeth. Similar to hair, skin, and bones, teeth weaken with age and this can lead to tooth loss. However, it’s not just age that causes tooth loss. Eating the wrong foods or not brushing and flossing your teeth properly can also lead to tooth problems such as decay and possible loss of teeth. Your Glasgow dentist can restore a smile that has gaps by the use of a dental bridge. But what are the benefits of a dental bridge?

What is a dental bridge?

dental bridgesBefore we discuss the benefits of a dental bridge, let’s take a quick look first at what a dental bridge. Actually is. As its name suggests, it bridges the gap that has been created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge consists of two or more crowns which are fitted to the teeth at either end of the gap with a false tooth or teeth in between. These false teeth go by the name of pontics and can be made from a variety or combination of materials including porcelain, gold, and alloys. Before the crowns to hold the bridge can be fitted, the teeth on either side of the gap have to be ground down and shaped in order that the crown will fit properly. To preserve the integrity of healthy teeth on either end of the gap, your dentist in Glasgow may suggest using dental implants to secure the bridge. Two implants will take the place of the end teeth missing in the gap and a fixed bridgework containing a prosthetic tooth or teeth will be attached to the implants to span the remainder of the gap.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

  • A dental bridge gives you back your confidence by restoring your smile
  • It retains the shape of your face by filling it out with replacement teeth
  • You can bite and chew more easily with a dental bridge
  • Your bite is improved since replacement teeth evenly distribute the forces of the bite
  • Prevents remaining teeth from drifting out of their position and towards the gap

If you’re missing teeth then it’s important to get them replaced before any further dental complications arise. Why not get in touch with Botanics Dental Care today. Dr. Colin Gardner will examine your mouth and discuss your options. There are various types of dental bridge available and he can recommend what is best for your specific situation. Call today on 0141 334 3408 or book an appointment online by visiting We’ll soon have you smiling again.