Crooked Teeth

Your Guide to Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth hurts a person’s life for many reasons. It may cause more serious dental problems, such as cavities, speech and chewing problems. People might have to bear costly and lengthy dental visits as a result.

crooked teethPoor dental health is the least of your problems when it comes to misaligned teeth. These may affect your self-esteem, as well. It is hard to talk or smile with confidence with bad teeth, after all.

The effects of misaligned teeth affect everything else in life. That is why it is important to know the ways in preventing teeth misalignment. Having an idea about the causes of crooked teeth is advisable.


Crooked teeth might be the outcome of whatever people do or did in the past. Certain mannerisms adopted in early childhood may change the jaw’s shape and structure, leading to crooked teeth. These mannerisms include thumb sucking, frequent and prolonged use of feeding bottles and pacifiers. Poor dental care might lead to teeth misalignment, as well.


Some people are either born with crooked teeth or they have the conditions that may lead to it. People who have cleft lip and palate will most likely have misaligned teeth. Those with abnormally shaped or impacted teeth and jaw tend to suffer the same way.

Accidents and errors

External factors like accidents and dental errors might be at the root of crooked teeth. Facial injuries might contribute to jaw misalignment, affecting their position and leading to a bad bite. Tumours in the mouth or jaw may alter their arrangement. Ill-fitting dental implants or straighteners may cause more harm than help in the teeth, as well.

The causes of crooked teeth are forces that are sometimes out of a person’s control. With the right person and equipment, however, a person may control the solutions for better teeth. Botanics Dental Care knows just how to get things done when it comes to crooked teeth. We focus on orthodontic treatments to help you correct your bite and achieve straighter, healthier teeth. Click here for more information on orthodontic treatments.